By a script? Little bit weird??? Poor Henry & Hyosung!!!

The MBC every1 variety show program 'Match made in heaven Returns' had the sketch
that is to stick a heart-shaped sticker to his/her favorite person's body in darkness.
The scene of checking the number of a heart sticker is becoming an issue because this scene was little weird(?).

Netizens who saw this program showed their reactions like that
'I'm sure that there was a script for that scene,lol'
'why there ...?lol', 'not funny at all, I feel sorry for Henry and Hyosung'.

↓Checked a heart-shaped sticker on Henry.

↓The cast suprised to see Henry!

↓Why there was a sticker??w

↓How about Hyosung?

↓On her butt?!

↓Hyosung:We know who did it, but we won't say for him.

▲Image Source:MBC every1「Match made in heaven Returns」