Yoon Bomi & Amber appeared in 'Sunday Night - Real Men'

Bomi Yoon and Amber appeared in MBC entertainment program 'Sunday Night - Real Men' female soldier special program,
and viewers focused on their weight and face with no make up on it.

Netizens who watched the program had reactions like,
"I think no one would have believed that Bomi weighs 45 kilograms. Ha,"
"Bomi is cute even without make up!", "Amber weighs 56 kilograms? She must have a lot of muscles,"
and "Amber's tattoo looks cool!"




Weight: 50.6 Kg、Height: 163.2 cm

(On profile: 45 kg, 163 cm)





Weight: 56.1 kg、Height: 165.9 cm




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MBC「Sunday Night - Real Men」