They are taking picture of us!. iKON Bobby discovered the camera and his reactions were extremly cute!!!

In '2014 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)', which began on December 3rd held at Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena,
one of the member of Idol group 'iKON' Bobby, who sat on the cast seat,
finds the camera which was taking him.

And his reaction toward the camera was extremly cute that it was popular in the online community in Korea.

The people who've watched the show said that, 'He was happy to be on TV hahaha',
'they doing wave dancing with the song by EXO hahaha', ' Booby wants to appeal himself even though it was only 2seconds hahaha!'.

↓EXO on the stage


↓They are taking picture of us!

▲Image Source:Mnet「2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards」