Which one do you like? ikon Bobby's gif picture which made him a serious player is getting peple's attentions..

Bobby, a member of 'IKON' made a special guest appearence on the stage
with "HI SUHYUN' a unit-group (member: Hi Lee and Suhyun Lee, member of 'akdong musician' ) performing their debut single ' I am different'. On that stage, Bobby performed as a serious player who makes a move on ladies.

Many of the viewers attenion on their performance were 'which one is he going to choose?' 'angry Hi and Suhyun were so cute.' like that.

↓Bobby chose Hi Lee on M Countdown
↓On Popular Songs???
↓Bobby went to Suhyun!!!

▲Image Source: Online Community &
Mnet「M Countdown」
SBS「Popular Songs」