The buzz version II about Woohyun, an INFINITE member going cute to Saeron Kim who is 9 years younger.

'High School: Love On,' the KBS 2 drama stars Woohyun, the member of idol group INFINITE. T
here he is shown to go cute toward 9 years younger Saeron Kim, arousing a big buzz among his fans.
Netizens' responses are as follows: 'Woohyun's face looks like a puppy.' 'Saeron going straight :-)'
'Woohyun no way 24 years old.' 'So sad this drama is coming to an end.'

↓Saeron removing Woohyun's nail polish


↓Woohyun: Remove it plz!

↓Saeron: Don't do that elsewhere!
Woohyun: Why? Why? Why?

▲Image Source:A capture of KBS2「Hi! School - Love On」