Even members said yes! EXO Suho and ROOKIES Jae Hyun look alike

EXO's new program Mnet 'EXO 902014' aired its first episode on the 15th.
SM Entertainment's pre-debut team 'SMROOKIES' appeared and fans think Jae Hyun from SMROOKIES and Exo's leader Suho look alike
Fans reacted with 'I thought that too!' 'It reminds me of Suho when he debuted' 'they look like siblings!'
''They don't look alike on profile but they look alike on TV'

↓Suho in ROOKIES??



↓Sehun: "Suho~"

↓Gangta: "They look alike"

↓Kai: "We finally meet!"

▲Image Source:A capture of Mnet「EXO 902014」