Only three memebers of EXO-K KAI, ChanYeol, and SeHun will serve the Lotte WorldCorn Event

Announcement was made by Lotte Confectionery Company that only 3 members (KAI, ChanYeol, and SeHun) of idol group "EXO-K" will serve for the "WorldCorn Event" due to tight overseas schedules of other members. Reactions: "did not buy 100,000 KRW WorldCorn if you had only 3 memebers available", "BaekHyun not attending again!", mostly negative reactions and discontent among fans is rising.

↓When event starts


↓Just before announcement of event winners
"Due to tight overseas and personal schedules of EXO-K members,
We will have only three memebers: Kai, ChanYeol and of SeHun to participate."

▲Image Source:Lotte Confectionery Company Official facebook