A gif of NCT 127 YUTA with half-bundled hair is drawing attention.

K-pop boy group NCT 127 YUTA's gif, which appeared in NCT 127's behind-the-scenes video, is drawing attention from netizens.

Netizens who saw YUTA's picture in a half-up ponytail responded, "Prince!", "As expected, YUTA's black hair is the truth!" and "Handsome." etc.

Nakamoto Yuta better known as Yuta is a singer, rapper, and dancer of K-Pop boy group NCT, managed by SM Entertainment, born in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan on October 26, 1995. He is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and the sub-rapper of NCT 127 and NCT U. He is one of two Japanese members in NCT.

▲Images Source:www.youtube.com/c/nct127