It was NOT your REAL NAME?!

'K-POP Idol Members Who Use Stage Names Which Seem Like Real Names' has been on the web and becoming an issue!

Internet users who have read and seen these photos responded like 'Yeri was not her real name? I didn't know!',
'So in Red Velvet, Seol-Gi is the only one who uses real name?',
'It's surprising that Sandeul and Yesung's real names are so common',
'Hyorin seems like exactly Hyo-Rin but it's not her real name? lol' etc.

↓SISTAR Hyorin

Real Name: Kim Hyo Jung

Real Name:Kang Ji Hyun

↓Girls' Generation: Seohyun

Real Name: Seo Joo Hyun


↓Red Velvet Yeri
Real Name:Kim Ye Rim

↓Nine Muses Lee Yoo Ae Rin
Real Name:Lee Hye Min

↓Girl's Day Yura
Real Name:Kim Ah Young

↓B1A4 Sandeul
Real Name:Lee Jung Hwan

Real Name:Kim Jong Woon

Real Name:Lee Hyuk Jae

↓BIGBANG Seungri
Real Name:Lee Seung Hyun

▲Image Source:© News1