Lay said 'I did not cancel the contract for the promise with EXO members'

The comments of Lay from Kpop idol group EXO at the interview with Chinese media saying,
"I didn't cancel the contract for promise with my members", is becoming an issue.

Lay from Idol group EXO mentioned about 'Workshop' which is established for expanding his activity
in China and business in China at his interview with Chinese media and his comments
is becoming an issue on Korean online community.

On April 11th, a Chinese magazine 'SE Weekly' released their cover photo of Lay by their official Weibo
and there is a sentence on this cover written 'Exclusive interview with Lay, for the promise with EXO members I did not cancel the contrat....'

Netizens showed their reactions about this like that
'this means that he thought about leaving his team before?'
'Lay seems to be very smart,lol' 'Let's go together! 10 members of EXO!'
'So,, he will not leave the team due to the promise, but he's going to have all the money he makes in China,lol'.
'I hoped that SM would bring Luhan back if they are going to do like this'
'I think that he couldn't help to establish the Workshop because EXO-M couldn't have performances in China
due to Kris and Luhan, also, he didn't have many chances to appear in Korea shows'
'What should Tao do in the future?'

▲Image Source:SE WEEKLY (南都娱乐周刊) Weibo