Changmin talking about Kyuhyun, Minho, Sungkyu, Suho and Jonghyun!!!

Trailer of KBS 2 'Exciting India' supposed to broadcast on April 10th is released and getting people's attention.

The video shows TVXQ Changmin talking about Super Junior's Kyuhyun,
SHINee Minho, INFINITE Sungkyu, EXO Suho and CNBLUE Jonghyun in the same program.

Netizens who watched the video said:
'Changmin's understandable explanation',
'He's saying bad only for Minho.',
'I think it will be unexpectedly funny.' and so on.


SUPER JUNIOR Kyuhyun: fastidious


Kyuhyun the guide
Kyuhyun the manager


SHINee Minho: Simple and Idiotic
Minho is asking "when are we going to eat dinner?" after eating a lot!!!



 He forces to do imitating other people's voices


CNBLUE Jonghyun:Real Man
Jonghyun takes off his clothes right away when he comes back home


Jonghyun the Energizer!!!


INFINITE Sungkyu:Clean & Neat


 Sungkyu is very sensitive of changing water in new environment. 

+something special ?!? weird???


Sungkyu does reaction like a gagman when doing an interview in a solemn atmosphere.


Sungkyu the comedian



EXO Suho:Awkwardness
 Didn't expect that Suho is included in this program
Suho is always and in anywhere

He is always awkward in any places!!!

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