Key and Lee Jung Shin were chosen to new MCs!!!

Key from Idol group 'SHINee' and Lee Jung Shin from popular band 'CNBLUE' were chosen to new MCs
of Mnet 'M Countdown'. And the picture of SHINee members teasing Lee Jung Shin is posted on
Korean online community and is becoming an issue among their fans.

Netizens who saw this picture showed their reactions like that
'the whole united SHINee that we haven't seen for a long time, is so lovely !'
'what is Onew doing with that pose ? ' 'Taemin who holds back his laughter ? lol'
'I saw this scene about 100 times though, it is not enough,lol'.

↓My members have came here for me who is a new MC.
Jealous of me,lol ?






▲Image Source:Mnet「M Countdown」