Scandal over yelling at the audience... Banner made by fans defending WINNER's Nam Tae-Hyun is in the spotlight.

Nam Tae-Hyun, a member of the idol group 'WINNER' who is eliciting public criticism for shouting "I'm talking" to the audience during a concert,
officially apologized through his agency YG Entertainment on the 24th.
Meanwhile, a banner made by Nam Tae-Hyun's fans was recently hung at a convenience store near YG Entertainment's office building in Mapo-gu, Seoul,
of which a photo is making a stir in the Korean online community.

Netizens who saw the photo displayed reactions such as: "I don't think it's right to side with him unconditionally," "That's the convenience store right in front of YG, right? If I were Nam Tae-Hyun I'd be so embarrassed haha," "I understand the fans' intentions but that sort of banner at this time is a bit...", "Tae-Hyun is repenting and apologized properly so leave him alone now", et cetera.

↓【Translation】Tae-Hyun~ we are on your side no matter what!

▲Image Source: Online Community